Reading the about me page?  You must be very bored my gentle reader.  Well, since you are here, I will try and entertain you.  This site has been around since 2006. The early iteration of the site followed my journey through affiliate marketing and search engine optimization.  Raise your had if you ever sold a ringtone!

Mostly, the site was just neglected for long periods of time only to be brought back to life by the customary “I haven’t written in so long, but now I am back and we are gonna make this site awesome” post. You know the type of post I am talking about.  We have all seen them.   In fact, you are reading a fancier version of one now.

The site did however have some measured success.  It was actually the number one organic result for the long tail string “monkey shit fight at the zoo” on  My proudest accomplishment however had to be the “How do I cancel my X Box Gold subscription” post.  You see, Microsoft didn’t want you to cancel your subscription so they made it a serious pain in the ass.  How much of a pain in the ass you ask?  Well, hard enough that people searching for “how do I cancel my x box gold subscription” would come to my website and not Microsoft’s. That post received at least a thousand visits per month for several years.

Now with that success, I suspect you might be a little surprised by my next move.  I just said screw it and nuked the website.  It has now been sitting blank for a year or so.  I am however back and looking to reclaim my former glory. So, what can you expect to read at the new Well, that is a very good question. The site doesn’t really have a traditional purpose at the moment.  The purpose it has is to be an outlet for me to write.  Oh sure, there will be some affiliate links but nothing like the ringtone golden days. Mostly I will be talking about healthy eating, cooking, organic farming and technology.  Those are all topics that I have grown to have passionate opinions about and I hope to use this to arena to  further evolve those opinions.

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